Wednesday, March 23, 2011

David Grizzle
Self Portrait on the Greyhound, 2011
Mixed Media on Canvas
16 in. x 20 in.
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You see a lot of weird things when you travel on the Greyhound. After taking the Greyhound enough, you also learn a a lot of things as well. One, for instance: As appealing as the back row of seats seem, staking out these seats for yourself is a bad idea. For one, they don't recline. Sure, you can lay on your side and have more room than you would normally have in a regular seat, but sometimes, the bus fills up. And now you're stuck in the middle of two people and your sitting at a 90 degree angle on a 12 hour bus ride (that should only be 4 hours by car) and your hung over and you took the wrong schedule and now have to stop at every town on the map. Also, these three seats in the back are right near the restroom. The restroom on the greyhound is a heavy traffic area with heavy odors coming from within. You're better off finding something near the front of the bus. Easy on, easy off. Also, bring extra snacks. It's nice to have a snack on the bus.

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