Monday, April 11, 2011

House Keeping,
Mixed Media on Wood,
16 in. x 47 in.,
Email for Price

I found a ad on craigslist the other day offering free wood to the first person who could come and get it. I went over and found that the Urban Outfitters was the location. I scored something around 50 pieces of wood that I can now use for canvas.

Living in a hotel on the road can be difficult. You get off stage around 2 in the morning. You wait sometimes until 3 to get your paycheck, then get back to the hotel sometime before 4 most nights. I figure If I can get in 8 hours sleep, I'm doing all right since most hotels have a check out time at 12 noon. You get to the point where you cherish every hour that you do get to sleep, but even then, you still feel like its not enough. From Houston, to Mexico, to New York City, to San Diego, if never fails to amaze me that where ever I stay, I always put the, "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door. And for some reason, they always knock, or call, asking, "House Keeping, are you going to stay another night?" Nope. But here is Ode to the Hardest working employees in the Hotel Buisness.

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